HASS Faculty awarded HDB grant to rethink the future of housing in Singapore.

HASS Faculty awarded HDB grant to rethink the future of housing in Singapore.

Dr. Mihye Cho, Dr. Yow Wei Quin, and Dr. Ate Poorthuis from the Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences Cluster at SUTD have been awarded a HDB grant to rethink the future of housing in our city state, in collaboration with colleagues from the Architecture and Sustainable Design and Engineering Product Development Pillars, as well as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and EDF.

The New Urban Kampong Research program focuses on creating a cross-disciplinary platform through public and private collaboration (HDB-SUTD-MIT-EDF). It takes as a starting point that in the future, housing should be more than a place to live in. Rather, housing should be positioned within collaborative and inspiring neighbourhoods where people experience and achieve important moments in their lives: relationships, community, health, enjoyment and personal goals. This vision embraces and integrates social, psychological, typological, technological, digital, architectural, and urban components to create a conducive environment where residents can live, work, play, learn, and bond. The program aims to develop various conceptual framework and practical tools to promote vibrant collaborative urban communities, which will then enable future town planning and housing design towards the development of a New Urban Kampong.

There are four interdisciplinary projects proposed under this program to:

  • Redefine and provide fine-grain geo-demographic composition of different types of HDB towns;
  • Develop indicators of neighbourhood quality of life;
  • Develop and evaluate the effectiveness of more localised and contexualized urban design strategies, tools, and platforms; and
  • Integrate with other environmental indicators, modelling, and validate the indictors with simulation and prediction.

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